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About Me

Hello Friends, I am Embedded Hobbyist have worked many projects based on Microcontroller 8051, Atmega8, Atmega16, AtTiny etc. I have also worked on PC communication with Robot, Mobile Controlled Robots, Autonomus Grid Robots. For more detail Visit my main site

The Complete open Source Reference and Guide :--

Many Personal Project to Follow up only by Ankush K :--

For Electronics Student and Teachers:

  • Touch Screen Interface for the first time in India (will be Published in EFY)
  • Mobile Interfece Switch
  • Webserver on Microcontroller.
  • Persistence Of Vision
For Computer Science Student and Teachers only by Ankush:-

  • Chat on Java.
  • Tracet Router Project
  • Hospital Management
  • Face Recognition using Image Processing
  • Image Recognition using Eigen Values


  • Won 1st Prize in Nexus 2010 International Robotic event by IIT Bombay
  • First Prize in Innovasion (Embedded Systems) held at IIIT Jabalpur.
  • Won "The Master's " Programming Challenge by IBM Lakhnow.
  • Top Ten Runner-up in Move-ON held at IIT Delhi.
  • Top Ten Runner-up in Cross Over (Bridge Robot) held at Tectfest'10 at IIT Bombay.
  • First Frize in Balls and Dust Picking Grid Robot (Rumba) at Tryst'10 at IIT Delhi.
  • Third Prize at Duo-bots (Robotics) held at IIIT Jabalpur.
  • First Prize in Escaper in Abhikalpan'09.
  • Top Five Runner up in AUTOCAD Mechanical Drawing Competition at Halcyon'09.
and many more continues.......

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Software Developments

Few Works in Software Fields-

 Currently working on TRACET Router project. I also have worded on circuit simulation project running in Java Runtime Environment. Face Recognition using webcamera in Matlab, Face Recognition using Eigen Values, Language Translate and many more exciting projects.

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